2014 Events


April 7th will focus on entrepreneurship and start- ups. How is it to work in a start-up and what does it take? Helena Cowley will share her thoughts on this.

On April 19th NCF AWIS will be at the Cade Creativity lab for their Girl Scout Troops Visit: “She’s a scientist and an Inventor too!”


On May 1st NCF AWIS will be present at the Celebration of Biotech. Come see us there and learn more about AWIS, what we do, and how to join!


On June 9th our featured speaker Manisha Ranade will guide us all in a discussion around climate change.

The Climate Reality Project logo
From Superstorms to Wildfires – connecting the dots in climate change:

A multimedia presentation on global climate change, from the climate reality project.

The presentation delves into science of climate change making the connection between heavy storms and extreme drought, precursors to climate crisis. The economic impacts of weather disruption are discussed. Also solutions are offered. The intention is encourage discussion of global climate related issues that affect food, health and economics.


On July 7th we will all learn about advances in electronic technology from our featured speaker Erin Patrick.


On August 4th we will join to listen in on the AWIS- SWE Webinar "Women as Leaders: What's Going On?” and discuss women and leadership.


September 8th we welcome Patti Breedlove, director of the Sid Martin incubator, as our featured speaker.


October 6th we will be discussing how to market yourself and how to enhance your networking skills, with Janalyn Peppel.

Additional information:

Podcasts from Ecorner-Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner:

    Olivia Fox - Build Your Personal Charisma
    Guy Kawasaki - Creating Enchantment
    Tina Seeling - What I wish I knew when I was 20

    Quiet: Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain


On November 3rd Chantelle Gaskin will talk about work-life balance. How do we get it all done?


On December 8th Bonnie Weiss McLeod will give a talk on Intellectual Property and Copyright.